On this page, Rachel and I will be sharing links to other great Comprehensible Input and Latin resources. Check them out!

  • Latin Best Practices: Comprehensible Input Resources - Moderated by Bob Patrick, David Maust, and John Piazza, this blog is an ongoing and ever growing collection of Comprehensible Input approaches being used by Latin teachers and offered for Latin teachers. 
  • Ben Slavic's Professional Learning Community - Professional learning community of Ben Slavic, one of the CI gurus.  4.95 per month.  Only for committed practitioners.  More resources than you can believe.  Has a substantial Latin teacher presence on the PLC.
  • Todally Comprehensible LatinKeith Toda’s blog where he writes about what he is doing in his CI Latin classroom.  Keith writes with humor, honesty and enthusiasm about how CI is transforming teaching and learning in his Latin program.